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BA Communication Design, GSA


Visual Artist

As a photographer and videographer, my practice combines still and moving image making. Drawing on the natural world, mythology, iconography, psychoanalytic discourse, and gender politics, my work reframes and replaces familiar and conventional concepts or narratives, in order to reveal their qualities and their limits. Using the parameters of the constructed image, I hope to convey the contrivances embedded in our social realities.

Documentary, Publication

Taken around Greater Glasgow, the publication  interrogates themes of transition and belonging.
︎︎︎35mm Images

︎︎︎Thoroughfare publication, newsprint, 44 pages, £22
Grass Above the Dead
Constructed Image

Death is an unknowable-real, yet through ritual and representation it has come to feel controllable: a trope. Born from the myth of Gaia and the symbol of the Uroboros, ‘Grass Above the Dead’ inspects our denial of death: its manifestations within funerary procedure, gendered renditions and social behaviours, alongside its impact for the environment and for the woman burdened with an erotic and passively encoded death. Titled with an excerpt written by the muse of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood – Elizabeth Siddall, the work explores a reclamation of agency within an act of destruction: its inherent tension and its cyclical comfort.

︎︎︎Second Skin

︎︎︎Degree Show

Daughter Cells
Moving Image, Collaboration

Formed from questionnaires sent to mothers and their daughters, this moving image piece visualises the conventions of maternity and femininity, and their building conflict; heightened by the mother daughter relationship. Dependence, separation and mutual understanding underpin the piece’s narrative, which appropriates the biological language of mitosis and the iconic biblical imagery of Mother Mary to reveal the interstice between the primal and the social, and the heritage carried within this innate bond.

︎︎︎Medium Format Outcomes

︎︎︎Film Stills

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